Get The Sleep of Your Dreams with a Pregnancy Pillow

Oh pregnancy! Such a magical time in which you get to experience the miracles of life and birth. Your eyes are supposed to be brighter and your skin should be all a glow with the promise of new life brimming inside of you. What no one tells you though, is that that glow is probably sweat from being overly hot and the brightness in your eyes is due to the fact that they’re watering every time you yawn, because you are so tired and just can’t get any sleep!

We’re not denying that bring life into this world is a beautiful miracle! There really is so much to look forward to and adding a new little member of the family brings so much joy. But let’s be honest: pregnancy is hard!

Your body is growing exponentially and your organs are getting all squished in order to make room for your little one. The growth occurs mainly in your belly, concentrating all this extra weight right in your mid-section, which causes back pain and also shifts your center of gravity.

Moreover, you’re releasing this hormone called relaxin, which makes your ligaments more flexible (how else were you planning on getting that baby out of there?), but it also makes your muscles ache from soreness due to the fact that you’re moving your body in a whole new way. Sleep is difficult to come by with all of this discomfort! So, why not make sure that you get truly restful nights that turn into better days with a pregnancy pillow?!

pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Pillow – The Lowdown

A pregnancy pillow is designed to bring comfort and pain relief to expectant mothers during those long and uncomfortable nights while the baby and belly continue to grow.

Maternity pillows come in several shapes and sizes that can adjust to your needs and budget. The wedge pillow is designed to easily slide under the back or stomach to provide comfort and it can also be used underneath a regular pillow to elevate the body, which is extremely helpful for expectant mother’s suffering from heartburn or when breathing becomes difficult due to extra pressure on the chest.

maternity pillowThere are full length pregnancy pillows, also known as body pillows, that can provide comfort to expectant mothers. You can find them with a straight shape or a flexible shape that will conform and bed a little more to your body. They don’t provide as much support as other types of pillows, but they are great for cuddling.

And finally, you have the total body maternity pillows which are extra-long, curved, and designed to support your entire body. It curves along the body, but since it is like a long, narrow tube, it moves along easily with the body’s movement during sleep. The curve of the pillow makes it to where it can support the back, knees, and belly, without having to use several different pillows. They can have a c-shape or a u shape and although it’s the most expensive type of pillow, it will offer the most comfort and support.

Materials for the Best Pregnancy Pillow

There are many types of materials used in pregnancy pillows. Some pillows are made of memory foam filling, which adjusts to your body and keeps the shape until your weight is lifted off of it. Memory foam can be really warm, so if you use this type of pillow, be sure that the material has been shredded in order to allow for some circulation.

Some pillows are made of polyester fiber filling, which is soft and doesn’t make much noise. It can come in different levels of firmness, but it’s not very breathable and can get quite hot. Another popular material in pillow for pregnancy is Styrofoam balls, which easily adapt to the body, but make a lot of noise. Finally, the material that is used in the best pregnancy pillows is micro-bead filling, which are extremely lightweight, super quiet, and extremely supportive for the body.

How to Use a Pregnancy sleeping Pillow to Achieve a Restful Night

pregnant sleeping

The way in which you use a pregnancy pillow will largely depend on the type of pillow you purchase.

A wedge pillow can simply slide under your back and later on, when you need to sleep on your side, it can slide to the side, with the thicker end of the wedge supporting your belly. A wedge pillow will only support a small area of the body, so you will still need another pillow for your head and maybe even one for your knees.

A full length pregnancy pillow can simply be put in between your legs as you lay on your side and hold on and cuddle with it, it will also support your head. The full body pregnancy pillows, which can come in a c or U shape, are designed to go between your legs, while supporting your back, neck, and head as you sleep on your side. It works really well, because when you sleep on your side, it causes your shoulders to compress and your knees to rub together, without any support for your stomach or back. But with a full body pregnancy pillow, your shoulders and knees are supported and your body stays aligned properly, bringing you comfort not only while you sleep, but keeping you pain free during the day.

What Women Are Saying

I have had back problems since I was a teenager and pregnancy really aggravated my problems. My growing belly made me ache all day and all night, so I found it impossible to sleep. People tell you to enjoy your sleep while you’re pregnant, because when the baby comes you won’t get any! Well, those people have never been pregnant! Or, maybe they just had a pregnancy pillow, because once I found mine I could finally get some sleep. It supports my belly, my legs, and really alleviates my back pain.

Caroline – NE

I’m a mom of three and I work full-time. You’d think that by the time I land in my bed I would be so exhausted that I just drift off to dream world. But it’s so hard for me to fall asleep at night, because I can’t ever find the right position. A few months ago I busted out my pregnancy pillow that was in storage. I’m so glad I didn’t give it away! It supports my whole body and helps me to get comfortable and fall asleep much more quickly now.

Marianne – AL

I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow during my first pregnancy. I used tons of pillows instead and created a “fort” virtually kicking my husband out of our bed. It was hot, it was uncomfortable, and I had to wake up several times a night to re-arrange my pillows. It was really exhausting. For my second pregnancy, my husband found a wonderful pregnancy pillow and it changed my life! No longer do I dread going to bed every night.

Kelly – Fla.

Now that you know a little bit more about pregnancy pillows, you can feel more confident when looking for the best pregnancy pillow for your needs and budget. They are the best way to support your growing and changing body, and will offer much needed relief from the stiffness and pain that can be experienced throughout pregnancy.

A good pregnancy pillow will also help to prevent more permanent damage to your ligaments and alignment, while giving you the restful and refreshing sleep that you need to still tackle your days. So, what are you waiting for? Try one today!